Jun 192012

Have you had trouble with your credit card company?  Have you ever wondered if that same company did the same d@mn thing to other people too?  Today, the CFPB not only released a report of complaints made against the credit card companies, but it also announced that it has launched a new database of consumer complaints.  OK, so there’s not much there – it’s in beta, and only has complaints received since June 1st, 2012 (even though they have been accepting complaints since July, 2011).  And the search parameters are rather clunky.  I tried to search for complaints coming out of the state of Indiana (I saw one from a local zip code, so I knew they were there), but you can’t do that (easily, anyway – and face it, I need quick and easy).  But the CFPB is looking for feedback, so go ahead – check it out and give them some.

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