May 252011

The Indianapolis Star reported today that Chase has opened a new office downtown to help homeowners having trouble paying their mortgages with Chase.  So far, it is the only one in Indiana (although there are four in the Chicago area for those in da region).  Before, if a homeowner wanted to ask for help, the only choice was to call a toll-free number and hope that whoever (eventually) answered the phone would care.  Now, homeowners will be able to sit down with a Chase employee and try to work something out, face-to-face.  Chase says that these centers are much more effective at preventing forelosures (not surprising – most of us are more willing to help if we have to look the person in the eye than if they are just yet another faceless account number on the phone).   Of course, this won’t help everyone.  Those who have already lost their homes have already moved on.  Oh, and if your loan is not actually owned by Chase (like 80% of the loans Chase handles), then there is only so much Chase can do to help.   But, it is one more tool available to try to get back in the homeownership game.

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